Precision Balls

NN is the leading independent global producer of high-precision steel balls. We manufacture over six billion balls per year which can be found in the most demanding anti-friction applications for industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, industrial and renewable energy. Through continuous research and development, we offer our customers a best-in-class value solution.


  • In-process defect detection capability
  • Zero defect culture
  • High volume production capabilities
  • Small batch sizes possible for custom and specialty products
  • Full assortment of products capable for any application
  • Comprehensive metrology labs to ensure steel quality
  • Global manufacturing footprint located close to our customers
  • Advanced technology R&D centers for product and process development
  • In-house tool expertise


  • Over six billion balls per year and growing
  • Ever-expanding product range, currently from 3.969mm—88.9mm
  • Grades G3 to G1000
  • Materials: Thru-hardened E52100, S-2 tool steel, 440-C stainless steel