Cages & Sheet Metal Parts

Our fully automated, deep-drawn transfer and die pressing technology allows us to manufacture a wide variety of precision sheet metal parts, including tapered and spherical roller cages as well as other products for automotive and industrial markets. This process delivers high precision and improves overall product performance.


  • Flexible equipment capable of quick changeovers, providing faster production and delivery times
  • In-house tool expertise
  • On-site tool refurbishment and repair


  • Precision up to 50 μ tolerances
  • Material width up to 400mm and 4mm thickness
  • Various materials available
  • Flexible laser welding production cell
  • Treatments: vibro-polishing, shot blasting, corrosion protection, magnesium and zinc phosphating, nitro carburizing, electroplating, ultrasonic cleaning


Tapered Roller Cages

  • Diameters from 30mm – 150mm
  • 155 types of TRB cages


Spherical Roller Cages

  • Diameters from 43mm – 130mm
  • 35 types of SRB cages

Sheet Metal Parts

In addition to precision bearing cages, we also offer custom-designed products for industrial specialty applications. From belt tensioners to suspension rings, we supply stamped metal products to the world’s top automotive brands.

Welded Products

NN’s latest development, the laser welding process, allows us to create customer-specific welded products. The laser welding process offers tremendous savings versus traditional production methods, which allows us to create high quality precision products while generating less waste and supporting small lot production batches.

Benefits and Capabilties:

  • Lower cost
  • Customer specified designs
  • Low tooling cost
  • Short sample lead time
  • Material thickness up to 6mm
  • Diameters up to 400mm
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