Precision Rollers

NN is a global leader in the supply of precision rollers for the bearing industry and other non-bearing applications. We currently manufacture tapered, cylindrical and spherical rollers, which are produced in a variety of materials, profiles and quality grades according to customer specification. Our rollers can be found in numerous applications and industries such as automotive, renewable energy, general industrial and more. NN’s precision components will increase performance, maximize load carrying capacity, and improve the overall quality of your product.


  • In-process defect detection capability
  • Zero defect culture
  • High volume production capabilities
  • Small batch sizes possible for custom and specialty products
  • Full assortment of products capable for any application
  • Comprehensive metrology labs to ensure steel quality
  • Global manufacturing footprint located close to our customers
  • Advanced technology R&D centers for product and process development
  • In-house tool expertise

Tapered Rollers

As the world’s largest independent producer of tapered rollers, NN offers a range of sizes, materials and profiles according to customer specification. Tapered rollers, typically found in automotive and industrial applications, carry both radial and axial loads and are able to carry higher loads than ball bearings due to the line of contact between the roller and raceway.


  • Quality capabilities: Class I*, Class II, Class III
    • *Class I is the lowest friction requirement (new development)
  • Diameters from 3mm—35mm
  • Angles up to 25°
  • Materials: Thru-hardened E52100, other materials upon request

Cylindrical Rollers

NN manufactures cylindrical rollers on a global scale and offers a variety of materials, diameters and profiles according to customer specification. Typically found in automotive and industrial applications, cylindrical rollers facilitate a rigid rotation around a defined centerline. Due to the line of contact between the roller and raceway, bearings with this type of rolling element can carry higher loads in smaller packages. In addition to cylindrical rollers, NN now offers welded cylindrical cages— a new development.


  • Diameters from 3mm—120mm
  • Lengths up to 120mm
  • Materials: Thru-hardened E52100, AISI S-2 Tool Steel, AISI 440-C Stainless Steel

Spherical Rollers

NN recently added spherical rollers to its product line. The current manufacturing program consists of near net shape headed and heat treated blanks. Typically found on industrial applications, spherical roller bearings are designed to accommodate heavy radial and axial loads in both directions. Our rollers are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, improving the overall quality and performance of a spherical roller bearing.


  • Near net headed and heat treated blanks
  • First pass raceway grinding available
  • Face profiles made to customer specification (flat, center holes, dimples)
  • Diameters from 4mm—16mm
  • Materials: Thru-hardened E52100, other materials available upon request