Warren A. Veltman

President and
Chief Executive Officer

Warren A. Veltman has been a member of the Board since September 2019  when he was named NN’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Mr. Veltman served as our Senior Vice President of our Mobile Solutions Group, a position he held starting in September 2014. Prior to joining us, Mr. Veltman served as Chief Financial Officer of Autocam Corporation from 1990 and Secretary and Treasurer beginning in 1991. Prior to Mr. Veltman’s service at Autocam, Mr. Veltman was an Audit Manager with Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Mr. Veltman’s global business and leadership experience across multiple industries enables him to provide valuable insight to the Board regarding the Company’s operations and the strategic planning and in mergers and acquisitions initiatives necessary to meet the demands of the changing environment. As the sole member of management on our Board, Mr. Veltman provides management’s business perspectives and the necessary link to the Company’s day-to-day operations.