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Reliable, High-Quality Solutions for Any Market

NN is a global technology leader in the manufacture and supply of precision component solutions for a variety of industries and end markets. We provide our customers with raw material sourcing, inventory management, a dedicated team of engineers, world-class customer service and more, from project conception to final product. Whether your equipment is used in energy, construction, aerospace or another industry, NN offers the solutions you need to operate efficiently, reliably and safely.


Keeping aircraft flying high.


AEROSPACE: Keeping aircraft flying high.

NN supplies precision component solutions to the aerospace industry with products that meet the most critical standards and deliver when there is no room for error. Our components can be found in countless aerospace applications, including turbine engines, gearboxes, helicopter transmissions, auxiliary power units and more. NN helps to keep aircraft operating at peak performance through state-of-the-art technology and our in-house manufacturing capabilities. Learn More


Keep rolling right along.


AUTOMOTIVE: Keeping you on the road.

The smallest parts can be the most crucial when it comes to vehicle reliability. At NN, we provide the highly engineered precision components that are key to keeping your vehicle on the road. Fuel and steering system components, precision plastic components, and sealing solutions we manufacture help make vehicles start easier, ride smoother, stop faster and last longer. Learn More


Components you can trust.


ELECTRICAL: Components you can trust.

As a leading provider of electrical components and assemblies, NN manufacturers precision components for a multitude of markets. Our expertise is in delivering quality production on highly technical, complex programs for use in critical electrical and electronic components. Learn More


Highly engineered solutions.


INDUSTRIAL: Highly engineered product solutions.

Industrial equipment, such as hydraulic and diesel motors, HVAC units, and construction and heavy machinery, relies heavily on dependable, high-quality components. NN’s strong, durable components help our industrial customers keep their equipment in top performing condition. Learn More


Unparalleled dependability.


MEDICAL: Unparalleled dependability.

Like many other products, medical devices work only as well as their smallest components. NN offers specialized solutions for hospital and surgical equipment, home care and rehabilitation accessories, and even fitness equipment. From CT scanning equipment to X-ray tube assemblies, NN’s expertise and experience can help medical professionals save lives. Learn More

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