Automotive Solutions

As engineers in the transportation field manage an endless push towards better performance, higher durability, and lower cost, the results often rely on solutions that challenge their manufacturing capabilities. NN, Inc. fulfills that goal by providing engineers with answers consistently and cost effectively around the globe. The answers come from our ability to create automotive parts with ultra-high precision tolerances, achieving targets often considered unattainable by other manufacturers. Our experience, innovation, and culture combine to give customers a unique problem-solving resource. With components found in major automotive brands worldwide, we help customers achieve their targets in fuel economy, performance, and reliability.

Autocam Precision Components

The Autocam Precision Components Group of NN is a global leader in high-precision components for emerging fuel system technologies, electric motors, power steering and more. While many companies can produce a high-precision part, we are on a very short list of companies that can deliver complexity, ultra-high precision, and high volumes each and every time. Learn more.

Precision Engineered Products

The Precision Engineered Products Group of NN supplies highly engineered components and assemblies for critical automotive applications. From moldings and stampings, to sensors and assemblies, our engineers possess a wealth of knowledge in creating custom solutions for the most demanding challenges in the automotive industry. Learn more.

  • Precision metal components: with single-digit micron tolerances for fuel systems, steering systems, electric motors, powertrains and transmissions
  • Precision engineered assemblies: including injection moldings, insert moldings, stampings, and electrical contacts
NN, Inc.Automotive Solutions