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Beyond Reliable Connectors and Shields

Connecting and Protecting

NN, Inc. is a global manufacturer of stamped and machined components used for safely connecting high voltage electrical devices commonly used in electrification of vehicles and energy storage systems. Components such as terminals, EMI shields, and bus bars are critical to the efficient and safe connections in electrical systems. Our global footprint and supply chain provide our customers advanced engineered products with the highest quality and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to learn how NN can help your team win.

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Devices that Use NN Components

Explore a spectrum of devices that use components that NN manufactures.

Power Inverters

Power inverters are used to convert high-voltage DC to 3-phase AC power needed to drive AC induction and traction motors. NN can manufacture the custom EMI connector shields, high-voltage terminals, and over-molded bus bars required in AC/DC inverters.

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC converters play a critical role in adjusting the voltage level from the high-voltage battery to the required levels for various components in electric vehicles and energy storage systems. NN offers manufacturing expertise in producing essential components such as bus bars, connector terminals, and shields necessary for the efficient operation of these converters.

On-Board Chargers

On-board chargers convert AC power from a level 1 or 2 EV charger to the high-voltage DC required to charge the battery pack. NN can manufacture the bus bars, connector terminals, and shields.

High Voltage Battery Packs

High-voltage battery packs store power for EVs or energy storage installations using either cylindrical, prismatic, or pouch formats. NN can manufacture the bus bars, collector plates, and connectors for all battery formats.

Induction and Traction Motors

Induction and Traction Motors are part of EV powertrains, utilizing AC power to propel electric vehicles. NN can manufacture bus bars, connectors terminals, and shields.

Power Distribution

Power distribution is a part of the battery pack or individual devices used to manage power in electrical systems. NN can manufacture custom EMI connector shields, high-voltage terminals, bus bars, and over-molded bus bars.

Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses consist of shielded and unshielded cables with connectors to connect all devices in an electrical system. NN can manufacture custom EMI connector shields and high-voltage terminals.

Accessory Modules

Accessory modules are secondary devices that use high-voltage DC to heat or cool the EV cabin and battery packs. NN can manufacture custom EMI connector shields, high-voltage terminals, and over-molded bus bars.

  • Power Inverters
  • On-Board Chargers
  • Electric Motors
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Air Conditioners
  • Charger Inlets
  • High Voltage Battery Packs
  • Power Distribution
  • Wire Harnesses
  • PTC Heaters

NN Components What We Build

In the high voltage electrical industry, our expertise lies in crafting essential components such as Stamped Connector Shields, Stamped Terminals, and Bus Bars & Collector Plates. These key parts, made from diverse materials and using a variety of finishes, ensure the safe and efficient flow of electricity in various systems.


Stamped Connector Shields

Stamped box EMI shields for high-voltage connectors are important components in a shielded electrical system. These shields help reduce EMI at the connection point to protect critical electronics from electro-magnetic emissions. They enable the interface between a shielded cable and electric devices to ensure the flow of electric current is shielded. We can manufacture stamped shields in copper or steel, plated or un-plated.

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Stamped Terminals

Stamped terminals are integral components of high-voltage connectors, facilitating the flow of electricity between the device and the cable. NN possesses extensive knowledge and capability to produce both male and female terminals. Our expertise extends from simple terminal tabs to more complex box and circular terminals. We can stamp terminals in steel, aluminum, and copper, with options for full plating, selective plating, or no plating.

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Bus Bars & Collector Plates

Stamped bus bars and collector plates are critical for the efficient flow of electricity throughout the system. Bus bars and over-molded bus bars are utilized in many devices to distribute high-voltage electricity in tight spaces where using wires and connectors is not practical. Collector plates are used to connect battery cells together to form modules and packs.

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NN Components How We Build

We specialize in metal stamping, tool room precision, and quality assurance, delivering top-tier products tailored to your unique needs. Explore our services designed for success from start to finish.

Production Capabilities

NN’s presses range from 2 to 330 tons, with speeds reaching up to 1,800 strokes per minute, accommodating material gauges from 0.050 mm to 6.35 mm. Our in-house laser cutting capabilities enables us to reduce tooling costs for lower volume production.

With extensive experience in working with various materials including aluminum, stainless steel, low carbon steel, copper, high nickel alloys, and many other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, NN is equipped to handle diverse manufacturing requirements. Additionally, we possess the capability of stamping gold and other precious metals.

Whether stamping a discrete part or into a reel, NN is committed to meeting the unique needs of our customers with precision and reliability.

Tool Room Capabilities

Our team of engineers stands ready to assist you in designing and building your next product. Leveraging die design software, in-house wire EDM, and grinding machines to fabricate the necessary tools, NN can bring your product to market with the highest quality and at the right cost.

Quality Capabilities

NN employs state-of-the-art optical and 3D scanning technology to precisely measure components from development through production, ensuring we meet our customers’ quality expectations. Our stamping facilities hold ISO-9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 13485 quality certifications. We are fully versed in AIAG APQP, FMEA, and PPAP requirements, which are standards in the automotive industry. Additionally, NN employs a robust project management process to ensure we meet our customers’ schedule requirements.

Prototype Capabilities

With NN’s prototyping capabilities, we can serve as your manufacturing partner from product development through the end of program production. With in-house laser cutting, combined with our tool room and inspection capabilities, we can produce prototypes at any stage of development. The knowledge gained during the prototyping stage allows us to ensure the best combination of quality and cost, providing our customers with the highest possible value.

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Drawing on extensive material expertise and a reliable supply chain, NN is well-positioned to promptly and effectively meet our customers’ diverse needs. We work closely with our customers in cross-functional teams to address EMI shielding, bus bar, and connector requirements, regardless of the device they are used in. Our unmatched ability to meet challenging designs and quality criteria sets us apart.

In addition to our state-of-the-art technology, we utilize 3D part simulations to validate designs and processes before tooling and production ramp-up. Our sophisticated in-process sensing and monitoring systems ensure product accuracy throughout manufacturing.

Our team of engineers stands ready to assist you in designing and manufacturing your next product. Leveraging die design software, in-house wire EDM, and grinding machines, NN can bring your product to market in a timely manner with the highest quality at a competitive price.

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