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Meeting All Your Precious Metal Finishing Needs

NN Inc General Metal Finishing boasts a unique blend of technological capabilities coupled with over 50 years of plating experience. As experts in specification plating, we have a long-standing history of serving the Aerospace and Defense, Electronics, Medical, and General Industrial Markets.

We excel in Gold, Silver, Nickel, and other precious metal plating using Rack, Barrel, and Vibratory processes. Regardless of your plating needs, we have the technology and expertise to meet them.

Specializing in meeting the most demanding applications for our customers, our core competencies lie in our ability to plate numerous finishes on a myriad of base materials with unparalleled quality and responsive lead times. Our capabilities are perfectly suited to meet your plating needs.

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Markets Served

NN Inc General Metal Finishing’s capabilities allow us to meet the needs of various markets.

Aerospace & Defense

NN General Metal Finishing has long been involved in high reliability specification plating for the Aerospace and Defense industries due to our close proximity to many major OEM’s here in the Northeast US. From hermetic glass-to-metal seal packages, stamped & photoetched lids and covers, refractory metal heatsinks, and machined aluminum housings…we’re here to service your most demanding needs. 


GMF was founded in 1973 on precious metal plating for the hybrid microelectronics industry. Millions of metal component parts used in contacts, connector assemblies, and switches are processed at our facility annually.  


Medical components is a growing market for our company and targeted for future growth. Current material processed includes Bipolar forceps, biopsy jaws, a variety of catheter tips, and miniature contacts used in implantable medical devices. 

General Industrial

Our company services nearly every end market imaginable. Metal stampings, screw machine product, wire EDM, CNC, and photo-etched parts are plated for corrosion protection, conductivity, solderability, and wire bonding.  

Finishes and Specifications

NN Plating provides a wide range of finishes to fulfill your plating requirements. We offer NADCAP-accredited finishes, particularly tailored for clients servicing the Aerospace and Defense Industries.

Available Finishes



Copper ASTM B-734
AMS 2418
Gold ASTM B-488 X
Mil-G-45204 X
Mil-DTL-45204 X
AMS 2422
AMS 2425
Silver ASTM B-700
AMS 2410
AMS 2411

Available Finishes



Nickel (Electrolytic) AMS-QQ-N-290 X
FED-QQ-N-290 X
AMS 2403 X
ASTM B-689
Nickel (Electroless) Mil-C-26074 X
AMS-C-26074 X
AMS 2404 X
ASTM B-733 X
Sulfamate Nickel ASTM B-689
AMS-QQ-N-290 X
AMS 2403 X

Available Finishes



Black Ebonol-C Mil-C-13924
Palladium ASTM B-679
Tin (Matte/Bright) ASTM B-545
AMS 2408
Platinum GE-F70J-WB2
Tin Lead (90/10, 60/40) ASTM B-579
Passivation QQ-P-35
Stainless Electropolish
Miralloy™ (Copper, Tin, Zinc Alloy)

Our Processes

NN Inc General Metal Finishing specializes in manual rack, barrel, and vibratory plating with Gold, Silver, Nickel, and other precious metals. We plate stamped and machined components to enhance conductivity, shielding, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Our products find application in a wide array of devices


Rack Plating

Rack plating involves securing parts to a conductive metal fixture using wires, pins, or springs. The parts remain stationary while immersed in various chemical solutions during processing. This method is ideal for delicate parts unsuitable for tumbling, especially larger or more intricate components.

Components commonly rack plated include hermetic glass-to-metal seal packages, stamped and photoetched lids and covers, refractory metal heatsinks, and machined aluminum housings. Rack plating is preferred in industries prioritizing high quality, such as aerospace and defense, medical, and high reliability electronics

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Barrel Plating

Barrel plating consists of placing parts in a cylindrical or oblique barrel, often made from polypropylene. Metal contacts within the plating barrel make contact with the workload while immersed in the plating solution, facilitating the plating process.

This method offers a cost-effective solution for plating high volume, smaller, and durable parts such as stampings and screw machined products.

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Vibratory Plating

Vibratory plating utilizes a specially designed basket attached to a vertical shaft and generator that vibrates the workload during processing. The gentle vibration ensures that parts move slowly and uniformly around the plating basket’s perimeter, constantly mixing the workload.

This method reduces tangling and safeguards delicate components from bending, scratching, or other damage

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How We Build

At NN Inc General Metal Finishing, our wide range of plating technologies and robust quality system capabilities are designed to exceed the requirements of your plating project. Our experienced engineering team will collaborate with you to understand your project’s unique requirements and design a process to achieve the desired results.

Plating Process Capabilities

We offer a wide range of capabilities in our plating processes. With hundreds of different stock racks available, we can process most parts up to 460mm square with no additional tooling cost. For larger quantities or unique geometries, custom-designed racks and fixtures can be provided.

Our barrel sizes range from as small as 2” diameter X 4” long to 12” diameter X 24” long, catering to various part sizes and quantities. We use different types of contacts inside the plating barrels depending on the fragility of parts, and various fill medias are employed to enhance electrical part contact and minimize sticking or nesting.
Plating thickness typically ranges from .00005mm to .05mm, ensuring precise control and meeting diverse customer requirements.

Quality Capabilities

NN Inc General Metal Finishing boasts a certified on-site quality lab equipped with advanced capabilities, including:
Certified thickness verification conducted on every order using state-of-the-art X-Ray Fluorescence equipment.

  • Adhesion, visual, and functional testing adhering to Mil-Std-883 and Mil-Std-202 standards.
  • Cross-section testing in accordance with ASTM B487.
  • Microhardness testing following ASTM B578 and ASTM E384 guidelines.
  • Solderability and Heat Resistance testing compliant with various Mil-Standards.
  • ITAR, NADCAP, and ISO 13485 Certifications.

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For over 50 years, NN Inc. General Metal Finishing has been a trusted leader in specification plating services, known for our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our capabilities include plating Gold, Silver, Nickel, and other precious metals, allowing us to develop unique plating processes tailored to meet even the most stringent requirements.

With certifications including NADCAP, ITAR, ISO 13485, and others, we are well-equipped to serve customers across various industries.

In today’s competitive landscape, world-class manufacturers demand quality, competitiveness, consistency, and a commitment to service excellence. NN Inc. General Metal Finishing is proud to deliver on all four fronts. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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