NN has approximately 3500 employees in 30 locations in 6 countries. It can be difficult for employees to share information. NN Connect can help!

NN Connect is a software application or “app” that provides easy access to news and information about our company and locations. It enables quick collaboration between coworkers around the world.

Use NN connect to:

  1. Keep up to date on our company, its people, and our industry
  2. Give and receive knowledge and information
  3. Have fun getting to know and collaborating with your coworkers!

NN Connect has a built-in translator. If you choose to use the app, you can do so in whatever language is comfortable for you, on a desktop or mobile device.

Usage is voluntary, and subject to the NN Code of Conduct.

Interested? Scan the QR code below and input your name and location. You will be notified when NN Connect is available. The NN project team expects to launch in late January 2023.

For questions or issues, email or speak to your HR Manager.